baseBot PHOENIX Plate & Configuration Downloads

baseBot PHOENIX is the newest and most streamlined baseBot design. Links to all baseBot PHOENIX downloads are available to the right, and all designs are free and open source (just be sure to include our logo in your final design). Due to an increased level of organization and modularity within these CAD models, a Starting Point assembly should no longer be necessary. Renderings and more information on baseBot PHOENIX and its associated downloads can be found on the PHOENIX page.


baseBot ORIGIN Plate Designs

Click the download button to the right to download the baseBot ORIGIN plate designs in both .dxf (Drawing eXchange Format) and .f3d (Fusion 360). This design is completely free and open source. Feel free to modify it to suit your team's needs, we just ask that you try to include the baseBot logo somewhere in your final design.

baseBot ORIGIN Configuration Assemblies & Starting Point Assemblies

Full STEP assemblies of all ORIGIN base configurations can be found below. These assemblies are incredibly detailed and will show you how to put your base drivetrain together down to the screw. These designs can and should be modified heavily to suit the needs of your team. More info about these designs can be found on the ORIGIN page.

Starting Point assemblies are cut down to the most basic parts of each baseBot ORIGIN configuration and are intended to give you a starting point from which to build your own CAD assembly almost from scratch. These assemblies are not intended to be built as they are in real life, since they are incomplete. They are, however, a much better starting point for your CAD assemblies, hence the name.