4" mecanum wheels are a favorite choice for many experienced FTC teams. They do a great job of balancing speed, traction, and maneuverability without the bulky, complicated, and expensive nature of swerve drive. In this design, we've also tried to optomize both cost and space efficiency, giving you lots of space between for intake mechanisms and whatnot.


  • Incredibly maneuverable
  • Good power/speed
  • Very robust


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Fairly heavy
  • Complicated to program
  • Lower traction than swerve


Full Assembly - Full detail, down to the screws. You can carefully analyze this assembly to put together your robot if using this configuration as designed.

Starting Point Assembly - Use this assembly as a jumping-off point for your CAD work so you can easily make drastic changes to the assembly and plate designs.

baseBot ORIGIN Plates -  Download the open source plate designs to use for your own custom robot design! We ask you to try to include the baseBot logo somewhere on your final robot design, but feel free to go nuts and modify these plates as much as you'd like. If you use these designs in any capacity, tweet us some photos of your robot so we can feature them in the Gallery section on our site!

Bill of Materials

Here is the list of all parts needed for this assembly. To the right, you can find links to the manufacturer's websites so you can order all the parts you need. Below are two cost calculations, one which only factors in the mechanical components, and one which includes the cost of the more expensive electronics required (2 REV Expansion Hubs and 2 Moto G4 Smartphones) so you can get a better idea of the full cost of this configuration.

Note: When ordering parts, be sure to order the quantity listed in the "Buy" column. This takes into consideration the parts that are sold in multiples at a time and should help keep you from ordering more than you need.